eyeGO Thanks The Young Women Who Do & Inspire KW Arts

Last year, at our annual youth arts extravaganza, Extra Curricular, we invited several youth artists in the region to perform. Musicians and poets filled Waterloo Public Square with music, words, and laughter. A great many of them were inspirational young women, and so on #InternationalWomensDay eyeGO would like to take a few moments to thank them.



This is one of our favourite musicians, JoJo Worthington. She performs for us quite often and always manages to enchant the crowd with her unique solo ukulele sounds. From her bio:

“A soft tour-de-force, her vocalizations, ingenuity with looping techniques, and completely refreshing take on the often blasé instrument, the ukulele, is pushing this Experimental-Folk musician to create some of the most forward-thinking music of her generation. JoJo Worthington is a Canadian artist hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, creating soundscapes wherever she goes. With haunting choral loops, orchestral ukulele riffs, and striking spacey vocals, JoJo draws the onlookers in, slowly and with complete control. With a nod to influences of the present, St. Vincent, Grimes, Alt-J, S. Carey, and others, she finds a beautiful, swelling sound completely her own; a rare find in a sea of ukulele-based music.”

At the moment she is preparing a tour with fellow musician Elsa Jayne.

Go and support JoJo and Elsa’s indiegogo campaign.



This is Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies. It’s starting to look like we have a thing for the ukulele here at eyeGO, because this wonderful group bases a lot of their music around it as well! From their bio:

“Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies; the opposite of creepy, and actually quite adorable, but only to be taken in the most serious way possible. Their quirky and catchy folk-pop songs are lead by the loveable Olivia Borkosky, and backed up by a handful of her cheekiest, musical pals.

Olivia Borkosky – Lead vocal & ukulele
Kelly Samuel – Back-up vocals & glockenspiel
Aurora Evans – Drums & percussion
Jordan Moore – Electric guitar & back-up vocals
Chris Denise – Acoustic guitar & back-up vocals
Connor Grieve – Bass guitar”

Best yet, they have an EP out right now! Go buy it!



These two ladies are from Audax, an all women vocal group based at Wilfred Laurier University. From their bio:

“Audax, which means “bold”, is a four-piece all-female creative vocal ensemble. Audax was founded by award-winning composer, Katerina Gimon in 2014. Audax performs primarily improvised and original music that explores connecting sound, movement and art. All band members study music at Wilfrid Laurier University.”

Check out their soundcloud!



This is Abbi Longmire and Chrystalla Paleshi from Busy Bee’s Parties. They provided a fantastic array of entertainment with talented costume actors, face painting, and the occasional song between acts. Busy Bee’s added a lot of value to our event, so thank you Busy Bee’s!

Check out their Princess Packages!

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