Kevin Sutton Kicks Off Extra Curricular

On May 28th we’re taking over Waterloo Public Square for a day of performance, art, and video games!

Today we’re taking a quick look at the main stage, with acts fromĀ 12 noon through 5pm. You already know about our epic Record a Single Competition by Will Muir, but before that we’re starting the day off with Kevin Sutton. eyeGO loves to let student performers share the stage with storied professionals, and Kevin is most certainly a pro.

Kevin Sutton

Kevin Sutton is a spoken word artist, page poet, actor, playwright, workshop facilitator, activist, and community organizer. A regular of Hillside’s Sun stage, Kevin uses his words to empower his audience and, he hopes, to inspire a peaceful change towards a more resilient local and global community.

We’re thrilled to be starting the day off with one of our favourite local artists. Kevin is an inspirational performer, so don’t miss his set right at noon!

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